Strata Insurance Final Report

BC Financial Services Authority has released its final report into British Columbia's unhealthy strata insurance market. This report is the culmination of a nearly year-long review of this issue.

The report finds that a convergence of factors, both local and global, have created a perfect storm leading to dramatic year-over-year strata insurance increases for consumers and a potentially unsustainable market for insurance providers.

Read the Final Report - Strengthening Foundations: A Report of the State of Strata Property Insurance in British Columbia

Read BCFSA's Strata Insurance Interim Report

Read Best Terms Pricing Media Release

For more information relating to BCFSA's report please contact stratainsurance@bcfsa.ca or call 236-468-4085. A helpful FAQ can be found here.

For specific inquiries, please note the appropriate party to contact as detailed in the chart below:

Contact Topic Contact Details
Media Request Media commsteam@bcfsa.ca
Strata Property Managers Complaints/Inquiries advisor@recbc.ca
Real Estate Agents Complaints/Inquiries advisor@recbc.ca
Insurance Brokers Issues about Obtaining Coverage Contact Us
Insurers Complaints/Inquiries Unfair Practice & Misconduct insurance@bcfsa.ca
Unauthorized or Unlicensed Insurance Business Reporting Company or Individual for Unauthorized Insurance Activities insurance@bcfsa.ca
Strata Council/Property Building Codes/Material/Construction Costs Housing.Policy@gov.bc.ca
Captives/Self-Insurance Statutory Approvals and Application Process statapprovals@bcfsa.ca
Clarification Relating to BCFSA's Final and Interim Reports Questions and Feedback stratainsurance@bcfsa.ca
Public-Private Partnership/Public Insurance Govt of B.C. Contact your local MLA
Legal Disputes Legal Assistance Contact Us

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